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Monday, January 28, 2013


As the Ninja Baker stalking the sweet stuff of life, I receive an abundance of assistance. My ballroom dance classmate, Anna Cheng, is the powerhouse behind California’s South Bay Dance Club. Anna kindly sent me a photo of sushi candy created by one of her club members, Jean Gee.

Sushi Candy Photo Courtesy of Ms. Jean Gee

Apparently Jean made these delectable sushi candies by using marshmallows for the rice and fruit wraps for the seaweed nori cake version. The various types of toppings include licorice and M & Ms.

Inspired by Jean, I created cake versions of sushi.

Ninja Baker Cake Sushi・忍者ベーカーケーキ寿司 

えび  shrimp

White cake topped with orange licorice, striped with vanilla frosting.

まぐろ  tuna
Red licorice striped with frosting serves as "tuna" atop a slice of cake.
The lime jelly beans are meant to be Japanese wasabi horseradish. 

はまち Japanese amberjack
Candied grapefruit is a (not-so nutritious but) yummy substitute for fish. 

いくら  salmon roe
Black rope licorice encircles a frosted cake round topped with peach jelly beans.

卵焼き egg omelet
Banana marshmallows perch atop cake. Black licorice serves as nori seaweed.

All the candies used by this Ninja Baker were purchased at Dylan's Candy Bar at the famous Farmers Market next to CBS in Hollywood. The owner of this Willy Wonka inspired store is Dylan Lauren (daughter of American designer, Ralph Lauren.)  Her flagship store is located on Fifth Avenue in New York City. 



On a whim, I also made cake versions of some of my favorite meals:

おにぎり onigiri rice ball with ume pickled plum
The center of the cake is stuffed with cinnamon bears.

Rice and egg with soy sauce (a favorite and fast meal of many.)

Dylan's Candy Bar sells candy replicating a fried egg. Covered with chocolate
sauce atop a circle of cake, it looks very much like one of my quick & easy suppers.

Wishing you delights that make your days dance sweetly.

The Ninja Baker

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