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With the flowering of Japanese cherry blossoms (sakura) in Japan, poetry, songs, picnics and sweets flood the marketplace. The Sakura, Sakura (cherry blossom) lullaby is the infant’s introduction to music. As Megadeth rock band ’s former guitarist Marty Friedman will confirm, mothers and grannies are not the only ones singing about cherry blossoms.


Are you a dreamer or a pragmatist? To quote popular TV psychologist, Dr. Phil, “How is it working for you?” I’m genuinely curious.  I’d love to learn how happiness and success slipped into your life...Since my 20s, I’ve collected photos, created collages and made lists of my ideal mate, dream job and home….It works. Here are a few examples:


I looked left and right. The coast was clear. Not a grownup in sight. Lifting the freezer lid, clouds of ice steam enveloped my face. Determined, I dug through the frost covered treasures. A gleam of silver glinted in the corner. Removing a green bean casserole, my frozen fingers clutched...


I've created two kinds of Japanese Plum Sushi! Japanese folklore alleges that eating a pickled "ume" plum before leaving the house prevents misfortune. So, I figured two kinds of plum sushi would make for double protection! 

Japanese pickled plums are packed with anti-aging and fatigue-fighting components.



As delightful as Chunky Monkey Vegan Banana Bread is to David; FOX TV's Bones fans delight in his artistic gifts. He’s the creative genius behind the computer and Angelatron graphics on the show. My Renaissance man husband is talented and smart. (He tested two points below genius on an IQ test.) However, what I appreciate most is his huge heart...


As June 12th is National Peanut Butter Cookie Day, I’m celebrating with a PB ‘n J Cheesecake. Peanut butter and marmalade are whipped together into a cheesecake and poured into a crust of crushed peanut butter sandwich cookies (aka Nutter Butters.) Familiar and comforting peanut butter flavors mingle with tangy marmalade jam and mascarpone cheese.  As the sugar content in the filling is low...


Dad played a decorated war hero, General MacArthur on NHK TV. (The PBS of Japan.) In real life, medals never dangled on my father’s chest. Yet, he’s always been my hero. His gentle spirit and generosity continue to influence and inspire me.

Fond memories of Dad are popping up as I prepare for the #SundaySupper Father’s Day Feast. Dad loves fine wines and chocolates. Vivacious...


Dashing out the door to the PTA or a dance party? For a fast and easy dinner, how do you feel about a Japanese-style cheese pizza topped with octopus and mayonnaise? I thought so.

I’ve modified Asian flavor profiles and pizza with The Ninja Baker’s Asian Pizza Rice. This is one of those meals you can whip up in mere minutes. Especially if...


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The California roll is a made-in-America invention. Avocados with sushi, mayonnaise with tuna, canned Spam on white rice are creations of the West...In ‘60s and ‘70s Japan, going to a sushi restaurant was like visiting a 3-Star Michelin restaurant in Paris. Every detail bowed its head to history and tradition. I remember fresh fish smells blending with the clean scent of purified Japanese...


“Tea is quiet and our thirst for tea is never far from our craving for beauty.” (James Norwood Pratt, author of Tea Lover’s Treasury and Tea Dictionary)

Perhaps the quote explains why students of sado, the Japanese tea ceremony, dedicate themselves to the discipline of perfecting the art of offering tea. Sado is a discipline.


Imagine a samurai slashing his sword through a pancake. Seems comical, right? Except for this Ninja Baker's hyperbole about sword play, something similar to today's savory okonomiyaki pancakes were served to warriors of the Edo (Feudal) period.

Two styles of okonomiyaki vie for affection on the Japanese culinary scene.


Magic, miracles, and now Manhattan Cheesecake encourage joy in the journey for this Ninja Baker. How about you? Is it your family? Your passion for the stock market?

As a small child, I was pretty fearless. (It helps to grow up in a low crime city like Tokyo in the 70s.) Still, somewhere along the way I lost a bit of confidence. So, when faced with


​I know you’re not supposed to try to please everyone…But, I’m up for the challenge!  So, I created The Ninja Baker’s Asian Style Potato Salad. Japanese sweet mayonnaise blends together ingredients with bite like Asian mustard and togarashi (Japanese chili peppers.) Sesame seeds, baby bok choy, snow peas, scallions and...


Happy Mother’s Day! I’m blessed with two. Both are inspirations. My birth mother is a two-time Wimbledon semifinalist (link). Despite the obstacles of limited finances, Mom’s mighty confidence and unwavering determination resulted in multiple tennis trophies and first place titles. My stepmother, Barbara’s artistic sensibilities continue to influence my appreciation of breathtaking...