Almond Cookies & Orange Cake Bon Bons, #Baked with Love

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Sunday, May 19, 2013


Baked with Love is a monthly event hosted by (Scroll down to see the rules of participation.) If you visit Roxana’s blog, you’ll see she bakes (almost) daily with love! Chocolate Marble Banana Bread and Dulce de Leche Bars are but two examples of the care she pours into her delicious and do-able recipes.

Betty Crocker’s Cookbook for Boys and Girls was my entrée into the world of baking. As a child growing up in Japan, the book was mesmerizing. The mythical American homemaker from the Midwest and her baking projects for kids were so different from my experience. (Discussions about and excursions to exhibits of Japanese artisans held center stage in our home.) 


One Sunday morning (circa age 9), I tiptoed downstairs to the kitchen and baked a surprise Betty Crocker coffee cake for brunch. The scents of baking butter, sugar and spice were enchanting. More magical still were the smiles on the faces of my family.

To this day I see baking as a tangible means of expressing care. So, when my friend, Jeanne threw a potluck party for fellow dance classmates, I was delighted to bake for her Asian theme buffet. My contributions of Chinese Almond Cookies and the Ninja Baker’s Orange Cake Bon Bons were a hit.

Chinese Almond Cookie & The Ninja Baker's Cake Bon Bon

I have Nami-san of to thank for the cookie recipe. The little almond biscuits (as the British would say) are petite gems made with almond and all-purpose flours and studded with an almond on top. All the ingredients are easily mixed in the food processor. The most time consuming and challenging parts are forming little balls that are exactly 10 grams each. However, a food scale and a good TV show make this task simple. Click here for Nami-san’s Almond Cookie recipe.

Chinese Almond Cookies

The Ninja Baker’s Orange Cake Bon Bons are pretty easy, too. First step is to whip up the orange cake recipe from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The fresh zest and juice in the recipe really do add a zing to the cake. Also, beating the egg yolks and whites separately ensures a lovely lightness.

The Ninja Baker's Cake Bon Bons

To bake simply place mini mounds (about a tablespoonful into a cake pop maker) or mini muffin tin for about 18 minutes and/or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Do cool your mini orange cakes before dipping into melted chocolate. (I like to melt my chocolate in a bowl over simmering hot water on the stove.) Sticking the mini cakes into the freezer helps when dunking the cakes into the chocolate mixture. Place in confectionery cases and voilà, you have a cake bon bon. Easy to pop into the mouth, perfect party fare.


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Wishing you a week filled with love.

The Ninja Baker

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Lovely almond biscuits!

The cake bon bons are pretty and look tasty but I am enamored of the shiny almond biscuits. Precision is so part of the Japanese make up, isn't it? When we lived in KL, some of my fellow Girl Scout leaders were Japanese moms and their craft projects always looked perfect and professional. The rest of us mere mortals were always in awe.

Is there any other way to

Is there any other way to bake but with love? That picture of the book, for me is such a moment in my childhood when looking at them meant that life could sometimes be all good and almost magical. Well, we all know how that goes...jaja, but it´s still a great memory. Your cookies and bon bons are so sweet and perfect to give Kim! Well done.

Bless you, Paula. You've

Bless you, Paula. You've summed up the magical thinking of books and childhood in a sentence =) Thank you, too, for your kind words about my goodies =)

Mmmmmm....your orange cake

Mmmmmm....your orange cake bon bons look marvelous, Kim. I can see why they were a hit! I love that you shared cookbook that started your foray into baking ...I think mine was the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook!

Born to bake...

Kim....what a great post. I love your first memories of baking and I hope you still have that book! Your love for baking certainly shows in all you do, and particularly in these lovely almond cookies (Nami is a gem, isn't she?) and these fabulous orange chocolate bon bons! Keep on baking my friend! : )

Sweet words from the stellar

Sweet words from the stellar baker at From My Sweet Heart. Thank you! The original book was lost in the move from Japan to the U.S. But I did buy a replacement =)