Angel Liz Cakes, Happy Birthday #SundaySupper!

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Saturday, January 12, 2013


Motivated by the desire to bring families back together around the table, Isabel Laessig of created a weekly Twitter #SundaySupper event. Enlisting the support of seven fellow food bloggers resulted in recipe exchanges and discussions about how best to encourage families to connect around the dinner table. 365 days later the Family Foodie’s #SundaySupper has expanded to a worldwide movement. So, Isabel is throwing a one-year anniversary birthday bash. Hope you can join the celebration on Twitter at 7p.m. ET Simply type in #SundaySupper in the search field on Twitter. Scroll down and you’ll see that as we commemorate this special day, #SundaySupper participants are celebrating each other’s successful posts from the past year. Before you jump to the links, love to have you read on and discover who I’m honoring and why.

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Ever feel like the new kid on the block at work, school or in cyberspace? You don’t know anybody. And nobody sits with you at lunch. You continue on with your work because that is your calling. But it’s lonely. Then, one day, a girl from the popular crowd appears and invites you to share a sandwich. Some might call this person an angel. In honor of the popular food blogger angel who reached out to me, I’ve baked up mini angel food cakes and topped them with mandarin orange cream. So who is this lovely friend? Liz Berg of The foundation of the treats I’ve made is based upon Liz’s #SundaySupper New Year’s Potluck with Emeril Lagasse Angel Cake Sandwiches post. Click here for the recipe.

As suggested on Liz’s post, I added 2 small pinches of salt  to the flour. I also added a tad of salt as the egg whites whirred in my KitchenAid. (Years ago, I read that in addition to cream of tartar, salt helps to stiffen egg whites into perfect meringue.)

The berries and whipped cream topping at looked amazing. However, to celebrate the winter season, I used the mikan orange, which is so prevalent in Japan (and California) at this time of year. To 2 cups of heavy cream, I added a ½ cup of powdered sugar and ¾ teaspoon of orange flavoring. For the garnish, I quartered mikan mandarin orange pieces.

The light airy angel cake topped with a burst of orange cream was  delightful! As Liz mentioned in her original post, eating angel cake sandwiches is a bit unwieldy. (If you want to mind your manners at the Sunday Supper table.) I vote for extending the pleasure of petite angel cakes with orange cream. So, pop them in open-faced one at a time!

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Wishing you the company of sweet angels.

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Oh, you've made my day, Kim!!

Oh, you've made my day, Kim!!! Thanks for your kind words. I was delighted to bring you into the Sunday Supper're a natural!!!! Just look at your gorgeous interpretation of these angel

Thanks so much, Paula. The

Thanks so much, Paula. The combo of sweet angel food and whipped cream is heavenly. But I also love the look and taste of soft salty pretzels from Vintage Kitchen!

Beautiful little angel cakes!

Beautiful little angel cakes! I like to pop of the orange color. I can only imagine how amazing they taste. I'm so glad you join in the Sunday Supper Movement and I do look forward to your posts.

These look so light and

These look so light and lovely! I love the idea of mini cakes with delicate whipped cream piped on top. We threw a bridal shower tea party for one of my friends a few years ago and these would have been perfect to serve!

Thank you, Kelly! Lovely

Thank you, Kelly! Lovely thought. Perhaps, for your next bridal shower you can serve Angel Liz Cakes accompanied by your divine Kelly Bakes Nutella Shortbreads =)

Kim, your angel liz cakes

Kim, your angel liz cakes (love the name - so sweet to honour Liz) looks so incredible - light and fluffy just as a good angel food cake should be, topped with that decadent whipped cream. I think the substitution for mandarin orange is fabulous. So glad to have you as a part of Sunday Supper - I enjoy your posts, recipes and beautiful photos every week!

Thanks very much, Nancy.

Thanks very much, Nancy. Appreciate, too, your mention of Jiro's Sushi Dream at GottaGetBaked. Last weekend, I rented the film and found much food for thought...And gorgeous looking sushi!