Japanese Easter Petit Fours & Flowers, #SundaySupper

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Sunday, March 24, 2013


Using water to purify oneself is inherent in Easter and Passover rituals. After forty days of being bone dry, baptismal fonts are filled with water on Easter dawn in many churches.

Early in the Jewish Seder feast celebrating Passover, an age-old ritual of washing hands before partaking in karpas (parsley, celery or other greenery) is performed. (Water is poured 3 times over the right hand and then the left.)

Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines are where the masses go to celebrate the holidays in Japan. Japanese partake in water rituals at the entrance. Here’s the quick how-to brought to you by the Ninja Baker’s friend, Ryo Shimizu. (We met on a TV set in LA where Japanese-English bilinguals were needed. Ryo-san’s wife, Nozomi Fujii creates gorgeous traditional Japanese dolls, which are featured here.)

In addition to respecting the rituals of the Buddhist and Shinto religions, my family attended church on Christmas and Easter. After the inspirational songs and sermon given by the Australian minister at St. Alban’s, we often headed over to the Tokyo American Club buffet.

Ikebana floral arrangements fit for the Imperial Palace were artfully placed throughout the club. The spring flower compositions replicated the words of hope and renewal expressed at church. But I confess, the dessert display was a mighty distraction. Fruit tarts, strawberry shortcake, coconut cake and chocolate in every heavenly form were available. And petit fours! My simplified version of the sweets for #SundaySupper follows shortly.

The Ninja Baker's Petit Fours and Ikebana.

The highest flower is the heaven flower; the middle represents man or nature,
the yellow buds closest to the ground symbolize terra firma.

First, please accept this invitation to share your favorite Easter and Passover treats at the #SundaySupper Twitter event. The party starts at 7 p.m. ET on 24 March 2013. Click here to participate.  The always-creative Carla of Chocolate Moosey hosts. You can be sure the event will be super sweet!

Cherry blossom fondant cutouts and sugar bunnies garnish the Ninja Baker's Petit Fours.

The Ninja Baker’s Petit Fours

1. Pour Simple White Cake batter into a parchment lined mini jellyroll pan. The recipe is found here at Allrecipes.com.
2. Cool.
3. Cut the cake with a square 2.5” x 2.5” cookie cutter.
4. Freeze overnight.
5. Spread ¼ to ½ teaspoons of organic strawberry jam on the square cake tops.
6. Roll out pastel fondants on a powdered sugar sprinkled cutting board covered by wax paper.
7. Carefully wrap squares with fondant.
8. Garnish with additional cherry blossom fondant cutouts or other festive decorations.

Note: Be prepared to roll out and repeat the process several times.
To avoid rapid drying and stiffening, place your fondant under plastic wrap.


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Wishing you rites and rituals of joy and renewal.

The Ninja Baker

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I love to learn about the

I love to learn about the similarities between religious cultures. It shows again that we can't be all wrong after all. Cute cute cute! =D I can't stop smiling while looking at your petit fours. The little bunny is holding mini eggs. I think my heart just exploded, too adorable. ^.^

I love seeing how similar we

I love seeing how similar we all are, too, Helene. Take, for instance, the sweet pancake or Alebele (from your corner of the world) which you've so aptly and deliciously described =)

I love the way the floral

I love the way the floral arrangements are done with a representation of something and not just putting flowers in a vase. I think I would be distracted too with the pretty desserts which had to be as artistic as the flowers. Petit fours are a great little treat and something I have always adored. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

Ikebana arrangements by the

Ikebana arrangements by the masters are exquisite. The floral art reflects the age-old Japanese appreciation of nature...Given your artful presentations of food in your photos, I'm betting your garden is pretty exquisite, too.

Working with fondant is

Working with fondant is definitely do-able, Wendy. The biggest trick is keeping them in the plastic wrap to avoid dryness. P.s. I am so looking forward to making your Weekend Gourmet donuts =)

What a beautiful post, Kim!

What a beautiful post, Kim! I loved the video on purification, and I couldn't help but giggle when you spoke of the distraction of the dessert display! And again, such a lovely dessert from you! I ADORE petit fours and these are so colorful and delicious looking! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful culture and experiences with us!!! ;-)

Petit fours are yummy, Diana.

Petit fours are yummy, Diana...Under the fondant wraps, sometimes I use both frosting and jam. Decadent, I know. Speaking of which, how's this for food combining? Your fabulous Gourmet Drizzles Honey Panna Cotta in addition to the Ninja Baker's Petit Fours for dessert. Well, it is the Easter/Passover season, right?

I never thought about the

I never thought about the universality of water used in religions. We were just blessed with holy water this weekend at our Palm Sunday masses. How nice of your friend to share a Japanese ritual with us all. And your petit fours are beautiful! Perfectly garnished for Easter, too.

I think the citizens of

I think the citizens of various nations are more similar than different, Liz. For instance, most people around the world would agree that Liz's That Skinny Chick Can Bake Easter Egg Cookies are heaven-sent =)

Thanks, Katie. Petit fours

Thanks, Katie. Petit fours are fun. However, I don't know if my desserts would bring the same joy as your lovely painted sugar cookies to 4 to 6 year olds =)

Your Easter Cinnamon Pull

Your Easter Cinnamon Pull-Aparts look like they require intricate work. But you've mastered the scrumptious bread so you probably don't give it a second thought. Seriously, I sooo want to try and taste your pull-aparts - even if it's after Easter =)