Japanese-Style Prosperity Pockets & Goat Cheese En Croute, #SundaySupper New Year’s Bucket List

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

How do you define good fortune? If you had a fairy godmother or godfather, what would you wish for in 2013? Love to see your answers in the comments section.

After the traditional formal visit to the temple with family on New Year’s Day; on January 2nd, many females trade their kimono for blue jeans and join the throngs at trendy boutiques and department stores where good fortune fukubukuro bags await. To make way for 2013 merchandise, inventory from 2012 is sold at half price in sealed bags imprinted with the 福 Chinese character for Good Fortune. (As well as characters for male男, female 女, and child 子.) 

A New Year's Shopping Tradition: Good Fortune Fukubukuro

The chic spots in town sell out quickly. Sisters and girlfriends are blessings at this time because the more in the group, the better trades and exchanges of items from the bags. Of course, venues catering to men also sell fukubukuro bags. Typically though the shoppers are women. (No surprise for anyone living on planet earth, right?)

Tokyo's trendy fashionable Harajuku district. (Click here for the photo credit.)

The Ninja Baker’s bucket list includes another trip to Tokyo where I can partake in this exciting Japanese shopping adventure. In the meantime, to commemorate this fun occasion, I’ve fashioned my own good fortune: Japanese-Style Ninja Baker sealed crescent roll Pockets of Prosperity. To indicate which filling riches await the consumer, I've sprinkled hints of gold to indicate a cranberry cheddar cheese filling or hints of purple to indicate a chocolate filling.

An omaneki-neko cat invites in good fortune on a tray of ingredients for
the Ninja Baker's Pockets of Prosperity.

Here’s the how-to:
Roll up a crescent roll with cheese, chocolate or whatever treasure you crave as an inside surprise. Gently, stretch the two ends of the crescent to create a bag. Place on a parchment lined baking sheet and paint with a slightly beaten egg. Sprinkle gold, purple or whatever sugared color of the rainbow suits your fancy. Bake at 350 degrees for 16 to 18 minutes.

Prosperity Pockets made from crescent rolls surround a celebratory bottle of sake wine.

P.s. If health is at the top of your New Year’s resolution list, you might consider visiting a health food store (like Whole Foods Market) to pick up non-GMO (no bleached flour, no artificial preservatives, no hydrogenated oils) canned crescent rolls. (I like the Immaculate brand.)

Speaking of resolutions, I’ve always been somewhat intimated by bakers who offer up their Brie En Croute oh so nonchalantly. It always appeared to be something super-fancy and extra-hard to make. The cheese baked in bread has been on my bucket list for a while. So, as the curtain opened on 2013, this Ninja Baker recharged her courage and created a Goat Cheese avec Organic Strawberry Jam en Croute. It was easy! Especially since I used the aforementioned canned crescent rolls. (Next time I’ll tackle puffed pastry.) Spreading out about 6 crescent triangles, I placed a round of goat cheese smothered with strawberry jam on top in the center. 

1-2-3: Cheese, jam, crescent rolls. Bake at 350 for 22 minutes.

Voilà! Goat Cheese En Croute.

With the skinny tentacles of the crescent rolls I wrapped the cheese up into a beautiful package. After brushing the sides of the Goat Cheese En Croute with a slightly beaten egg, I baked it for about 22 minutes. A golden orb appeared. Success! This Ninja Baker is happy =)

Goat Cheese En Croute

To read more success stories of talented bakers, chefs and food bloggers who’ve committed to conquer items on their bucket list, click on the links below. We are all part  of a weekly #SundaySupper Twitter event which takes place on Sundays at 7p.m. ET. Love to have you join the exchange of recipes and fun conversation!

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Wishing you good fortune, prosperity and a clear path to cross off at least one thing on your bucket list in 2013.

The Ninja Baker

The Ninja Baker

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Kim, you outdid yourself with

Kim, you outdid yourself with TWO wonderful appetizers. I love baked brie...I know you'll make this one again...it looks perfect! And I've never heard of prosperity pockets, but they, too, look outstanding! Thanks for the tip about the crescent roll dough from WF...I haven't seen that brand~ PS...the New Year's sales in Japan sound fantastic! I wouldn't be able to resist! PPS...thanks for the commiseration on the lack of zebra stripes...glad to know I'm not alone :)

With all the gourmet-style

With all the gourmet-style baking and cooking you do, Liz, I'm positive you'd love the Kappabashi area in Tokyo on 02 Jan. It's the part of town that specializes in all kinds of cooking and baking equipment so their good fortune (post New Year sales) bags would be a guaranteed win!


I have to say - these sound awesome! Sign me up for anything with goat cheese inside...seriously!

Inspired by your Ruffles &

Inspired by your Ruffles & Truffles post , maybe next time I'll try your Asiago cheese and truffle spray combo =) P.s. I am so grateful to you, Katie, for sharing the good news that there is a truffle oil spray!

The Girlichef's sea-foam aka

The Girlichef's sea-foam aka fairy candy would compliment the slightly tart and soft goat cheese en croute =) Thanks again, Heather, for sharing the wonderful history and story behind your sea-foam candy recipe on your site.

Thank you, Chris! When you're

Thank you, Chris! When you're not making soft tacos for your kids, you could whip up a Sustainable Dad meal of your kids' favorite cheese en croute in no time at all =)

These look wonderful,

These look wonderful, especially the goat cheese en croute, which I adore! I am fascinated by the sealed "grab bags" and wonder what sort of thing a person finds inside and at what cost. It's like a surprise gift you pay for. :) Such fun!

Thank you for your kind words

Thank you for your kind words, Stacy. Very much appreciated to as they spring from the expert baker at Food Lust, People Love. The fukubukuro good fortune bags are a bit of a gamble. There are a range of prices and hundreds of stores...But therein lies the fun of sleuthing and figuring out which stores sell the kinds of products you want. And, then, taking a leap!

Thank you very much, Tara.

Thank you very much, Tara. Always good to have sure-fire appetizer recipes on file. And also good to know I can always visit Noshing with the Nolands and find winning pre-, post dinner recipes =) As well as main course dishes!

I define good fortune is to

I define good fortune is to have good health, a roof over my head, the ability to enjoy wonderful food, and a life filled with the love of family and friends. Your goat cheese encroute is beautiful! And I am sure it tastes as good as it looks. The prosperity pockets look yummy too. Thank you for sharing the story of good fortune shopping in Japan and your recipes.

Merci beaucoup. Cheese and

Merci beaucoup. Cheese and golden crescents are a wonderful combo...Currently, I'm shoring up my courage to replicate the fabulous pretzels pictured at Hezzi-D's Books & Cooks.

And I am sooo looking forward

And I am sooo looking forward to seeing the smile on my husband's face after I make him the gluten-free yellow cake and chocolate frosting featured at Cupcakes & Kale Chips. P.s. I'm still thinking about the restaurant that recommends eating dessert first! Love people who embrace the joys of life =)

I always love reading your

I always love reading your posts and learning more about Japan and Japanese culture. Those prosperity pockets look delicious, as does your amazing, golden, crispy goat cheese en croute. I've been wanting to make a brie version but like you, thought it was difficult. It's on my 2013 foodie bucket list for sure.

Thank you for your kind

Thank you for your kind comment, Laura. There is nothing like Brie on planet earth but the goat cheese was a very nice (and less expensive) substitute =)

Lucky you, Erin! Will you be

Lucky you, Erin! Will you be there on 03 March for Girls' Day? There are gorgeous displays of Imperial Court dolls set up at department stores. Also, there are super pretty pastel candies and rice and sweet bean cakes to celebrate the occasion...Ooo, so excited for you. P.s. If you don't catch Girls' Day - HInamatsuri - you may be arriving in time to view cherry blossoms. Enjoy!