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Have you tasted Korean bee-bim bop?  As Korean food (and TV dramas) are popular in Japan, I’d heard the term but wasn’t quite sure of the ingredients. After flipping through the pages of Linda Sue Park's picture book Bee-bim Bop!, I learned the traditional Korean dish is basically rice with mix-ins. (Instead of sweet mix-ins for ice cream, savory items are combined with rice.)


This post is sponsored by FitTea. All opinions are my own. 

FitTea is said to promote weight loss, improve the immune system and enhance energy. Organic green tea is the first ingredient listed on the FitTea package. Samurai sipped on the hot drink before battle, so why not follow suit when fighting the battle of the bulge? In addition to information about FitTea, this post also contains a $500 Target gift card giveaway. 



Sesame seeds and sake wine are kissing cousins in a Japanese bento lunch box. Salted salmon (or other center piece protein) are often zapped with sake wine. A bed of rice dotted with black sesame seeds typically snuggles next to the fish.

I tossed sesame seeds and sake together with everyone’s best friend – chocolate! Why? Chocolate makes everything better. Also, Dixie Crystals is gifting...



If spring fever has you thinking about travel..You may want to sashay your way to Japan. Here's why! Hope you enjoy The Ninja Baker's Japan, Part 2.

From Hello Kitty, figure skating champions to sacred symbols and spaces, Japan is a land of contradictions and mystery. A must-see for any world traveler.



Japanese omurice (pronounced omu-raisu) is a marvelous culinary mix of the East and the West. Kernels of tomato-sauce-covered rice sprinkled with chicken are typically stuffed into the Japanese-style omelet. Omurice is like the American hamburger - readily available, easy to make AND kid and budget friendly.

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