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Shall I “dare to disturb the universe?”(T.S. Elliot’s classic poem, The Wasteland.) The answer from the World Wide Web and popular literature (aka social media) screams yes. Dreams are to be followed. Wishes of the heart are to be fulfilled...Even the wise poet/philosopher of the 1800s, Henry David Thoreau penned, “Do not lose hold of your dreams or aspirations. For if you do, you may still exist but you have ceased to live.”


Carole Walter’s Great Cakes’ recipes are great teaching tools for baking ninjas who want to improve their skills. Zach’s Chocolate Marble Cake is no exception. I was able to successfully bake a moist, crumbed cake with a gooey chocolate ganache topping...Here are my ninja notes on chocolate marble cake baking. 


As autumn draws near do you find yourself slowing down or moving faster? Currently, Boulder, Colorado buzzes with the return of college kids. The youthful energy is palpable. Red shopping carts zigzag like bumper cars down the aisles of Target. The scene is reminiscent of Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish markets where quick action is required to snatch the best tuna. 


I am honored that my friends at Beyond Meat included the Ninja Baker in spreading the word about Beyond Meat Beef-Free Crumbles. Visionaries, Bill Gates (Yes! The Bill Gates of Microsoft) and Twitter co-founders, Biz Stone and Evan Williams are among the investors...CEO & Founder of Beyond Meat, Ethan Brown, is the son of a farmer. Mr. Brown is also an expert in the clean energy sector.  Concerned about...


Kyoto - the former hangout and residence of ancient Japan’s Imperial families is a prime residence of high-end green tea. The tea is harvested in June.  (Kyoto was also the capital for many years.) As in different hotspots of green tea cultivation around Japan, the first harvest in Kyoto is considered the best.